Date: 22 Jun 2024
Run/Time: HD 2:28:21

Waiter Roman Todd has been waiting for his new favorite customer Jayden Marcos to walk through the doors all night. For weeks the two have been flirting, and the tension is agonizing for them both. Will tonight be the night Jayden stays past closing time? Derek Kage has had enough with Damian Night; just because he’s the owner’s heir doesn’t mean he can treat Derek this way. But when Derek puts his foot down, things take a wildly unexpected turn, and definitely one for the better. Jayden Marcos and his coffee shop get the customer of his dreams when Diego Daniels walks through the door. Except, oh no! Jayden was so distracted by Diego’s sexiness that he spilled coffee all over Diego. If only there were some way to make it up to him. Jordan Starr loves fucking Kyle Fletcher’s tight ass!