Date: 3 Jul 2024
Run/Time: HD 1:43:41
Views: is back on our radar with a special showcase of toned latin power bottom, Ashton Summers. Ashton can’t seem to escape the lustful eyes around town as his costars find him absolutely irresistible. Rumors get around quick. Now everyone knows that, Ashton Does It Better.Dom King tells his wife he’s going to bed, but actually he’s getting dressed for his date with tattooed hottie Ashton Summers. The guys’ chemistry is palpable as they hold hands on the sidewalk, taking snapshots and kissing, and it only gets more passionate once they’re back in Dom’s hotel room. Johnny Donovan is enjoying a romantic, quiet night in with the handsome Ashton Summers. As the two hunks make out on the sofa, Ashton unbuttons Johnny’s shirt and begins caressing the cute blond’s flawless body.After Clark Delgaty’s boyfriend breaks up with him at their Valentine’s Day meal, his cute waiter matchmakes and brings over hot solo diner Ashton Summer. Ashton doesn’t wait for their waiter to come back to start with an appetizer of playing footsie under the table, then gobbles Clark’s cock. When hottie Ashton Summers asks to try on a new pair of sneakers, foot lover Pierce Paris treats him to the full experience, removing the sexy customer’s shoes for him and sniffing them. Alex is surprised but excited, especially when Pierce takes his dick out and strokes it before fucking his feet.