Date: 3 Jul 2024
Run/Time: HD 1:15:10

Cute hunks Adrian Hart and Cazden Hunter engage in a little hand game to determine who will be the bottom in their intimate encounter. Confident in his luck, Adrian Hart challenges Cade Cooper to a risque game of rock paper scissors – loser has to take bottom. Cute twink Cyrus Stark and black king Blaine Porter compete with each other to see who can do more sit-ups After Cyrus’ losses, he must now let Blaine do whatever he wants with his body, after all, a deal’s a deal! Sexy hunks Sean Peek and Trent King play a rematch with each other competing to see who can last longer doing planks. To make it spicy, they try to make the other one fall! The loser will have to pay the price on his knees!