Date: 3 Jul 2024
Run/Time: HD 1:56:48

Ty Santana is watching a football game on TV with his stepdad, Dillon Diaz, each cheering for opposing teams. Ty suggests to Dillon that they have a friendly wager: when an opposing team scores, the loser has to strip an article of clothing. Dillon is taken aback by the suggestion, but is convinced, especially since he thinks he won’t lose. However, Dillon’s team then suffers a losing streak, causing him to strip and strip… until he is totally naked. Carter DelRey and his parent have recently moved in with Drew Sebastian, his stepdad. Carter is chatting with Drew. As they chat, Carter catches onto a hint of Drew being lonely, since his wife works a lot, despite them both just moving in. Later that night, Carter heads to bed but accidentally walks into Drew’s bedroom and sees him resting shirtless. Drew — because he’s not wearing his glasses — mistakes Carter for his wife, becoming flirty with him and inviting him to bed. Carter, who is already aroused and hopeful, decides to take a chance and play along… Asher Day tells his stepdad, Killian Knox, that he knows they haven’t been spending a lot of time together lately, and he’d like that to change. Killian becomes excited, saying he would love to do that…